Turkish Kilim, Carpet & Handcraft SUFi Oriental Rugs


SUFi Oriental Rugs

"Kilim" means a flat textile woven by fingers.
As a daily necessities made by nomads who spend their lives on the ground,
or as a wedding items that takes a countless time to make, that's the Kilim.
The materials are sheep's wool and also hair of goats or camels.
Women weave up the Kilim with a daily thought of desire or nature.
The production area of Kilim spreads out from the West Asia to the Middle Asia.
Among them, the Turkish Kilim is the most characteristic in the combination of the primitive and vivid colors and design so that they make Kilim the most attractive.

Turkish Kilim, Carpet & Handcraft SUFi Oriental Rugs

The owner Osman DAGLI has spent his life with Kilim for over 30 years.
He was born in the country, Konya in Turkey, and everyday he watched the Kilim which was woven by his mother in his childhood.
And, in the age of his middle school, he started the job as a restore craftsman of Kilim and Carpets.
After he opened his own shop, he tried to appeal the fascination of Kilim, first in Konya, Turkey then in San Francisco, USA, and then in Osaka, Japan.
Finally he moved to Turkey in March, 2013, and opened the new shop in Istanbul.

Istanbul is divided into Asia in east and Europe in west by the Bosphorus.
Europe area is divided into the old town in south and the new town in north by the Golden Horn.
A Part of Sultanahmet area, located in the east of the old town, was registered as "The historical area in Istanbul" by the World Treasure, UNESCO.
The magnificent Sultan Ahmet Mosque which is called the Blue Mosque as a common name,
Ayasofya Museum which was once changed into mosque after the loosing the degree of the center of Greek Orthodox Church,
The Topkapı Palace which was the symbol of the political power of Sultans, Turkish Empire,
Archeology Museum which has a huge collections of treasures of the East and the West since the old period for 4000 years,
Yerebatan Cistern which was constructed in the 4th Century and served as a storing reservoir,
Turkish Islamic Art Museum which has a remarkable collection of the precious KILIM and carpets,
You can much appreciate these everlasting history just sitting down on the bench and touch the air of this town.
No getting tired of even in longer staying or no enough time to see,
Istanbul anytime welcome the tourists and make them feel such kind of deep
impression, I believe.

Turkish Kilim, Carpet & Handcraft SUFi Oriental Rugs

You can find SUFi to turn the street.
The building in which SUFi is open may be old enough more than 100 years.
When we renovated the interior, we removed the tiles and the ply woods on the wall, we found the basement of cement.
Then we confirmed the very old basement of bricks to remove the cement.
To see the old wall of the bricks, we remember that now we are here after the long interval of the past.
SUFi can show you the Antiques of Old Kilim, New Kilim natural dyeing and the cushion covers or bags made of Kilim.
And we can introduce the traditional Hand Crafts of Turkey.
Some of my friends and colleagues often drop in my shop to have a cup of tea, and many tourists kindly knock on me every time. That is my shop SUFi.

Please have a glance into the back of the street as you gaze into.
Then you will find the shopkeeper who loves Kilim as a real baby and I'm sure he very much welcomes you.

SUFİ Oriental Rugs

SUFiFERAH HAN(new address)
Hobyar mah. Cemal Nadir sok.
Ferah Han No: 16/39 34112
Cağaloğlu - Fatih İstanbul
The phone number which is at the time of a Japanese stay:tel. 080-5309-4242


Turkish Kilim, Carpet & Handcraft SUFi Oriental Rugs