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SUFi Oriental Rugs
Sufi specializes in “Turkish Kilim” and specializes in “Turkish Handicrafts”
It is a store that handles it.

“Kilim” means a flat textile woven by fingers.
As a daily necessities made by nomads who spend their lives on the ground,
or as a wedding items that takes a countless time to make, that’s the Kilim.
The materials are sheep’s wool and also hair of goats or camels.
Women weave up the Kilim with a daily thought of desire or nature.
The production area of Kilim spreads out from the West Asia to the Middle Asia.
Among them, the Turkish Kilim is the most characteristic in the combination of the primitive and vivid colors and design so that they make Kilim the most attractive.


The owner Osman DAGLl has spent nearly 30 years with Kilim to this day.
Born and raised in the countryside of Konya, Turkey, when I was a child I grew up watching the kilim weaved by my mother.
By the time I went to junior high school, I started this job as a kilim and carpet restoration craftsman.
Since becoming independent, I have moved to Konya, Turkey, San Francisco, USA, and Oomatsucho, located in Nishitenma, Kita-ku, Osaka, to convey the charm of Kilim.
Then, in March 2013, we relocated our base to Turkey and opened a new store “SUFi Rugs” in Istanbul.

Istanbul, the city that fascinates travelers for long time.

Istanbul is divided by the Bosphorus Strait into the Asian side in the east and the European side in the west.
The European side of the west is divided by the Golden Horn into the old town in the south and the new town in the north.
A part of the Sultan Ahmet district on the east side of Istanbul’s old town is the “Historic Areas of Istanbul”, which has been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The magnificent “Sultan Ahmet Jamie”, commonly known as the Blue Mosque, was once transformed into a mosque after being the headquarter of Greek Orthodox Christianity, then a museum, and then the mosque again “Ayasofia Jamie”, the Ottoman Empire Sultan. “Topkapu Palace” where the power of the mosque was gathered, “Ancient Museum” boasting a huge collection of eastern and western treasures from ancient times, “Underground Palace” built in the 4th century and used as a reservoir, Islamic The “Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art” is a quiet lineup of precious arts and crafts, Koran manuscripts, detailed paintings, pottery and rugs.

You can fully enjoy these eternal history just by sitting on the bench and touching the air of this city.
The straits swayed by boats, hot chai, rich food culture, no matter how many days you have, and the charm that makes you think of travelers visiting Istanbul when you don’t have enough time. There seems to be.

Visit to see the owner who adores kilims like his own child.

The first store Sufi set up in Istanbul was just off the street from such a plot.
The building where the store is located was a building that seems to be 100 years old. During the refurbishment, the tiles and plywood that covered the walls were peeled off and the underlying cement came out. After peeling it off, the foundation of the old brick came out. The old brick wall reminded us that we are living in the terminal of the past time.
Eight years have passed while welcoming travelers from all over the world with such Sufis, and I decided to relocate to take further steps. The current store is located in the area of ​​Jar Aroll, near Sirkeci in Istanbul. It’s a convenient place to go sightseeing, as any visitor to Istanbul will surely pass nearby.
No matter how much you look at it every day, Kilim will give you new discoveries and excitement. A wish contained in the motif passed down from mother to daughter. People who have nurtured a humble but prosperous life in the harsh nature. A rich handicraft full of joy that colors your life while being a living tool, Sufi makes use of the experience and knowledge cultivated over many years, performs appropriate maintenance, repair and cleaning, and provides customers with the best conditions. We are trying to introduce you.

At an exhibition in Japan in Istanbul, the owner who loves Kilim like a child is looking forward to your visit.